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 Guides and Rules

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Guides and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guides and Rules   Guides and Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 1:44 pm

Guides and Rules -

I'll take my bet and say that every single person in this forum has, at the very least, drawn a bleach Fan Art. Be it a Doodle, an Original Character, Pairings or who knows what else? When you move the pensil, imagination is your only limit.

So, come on! Feel free to share your drawings with the rest of the forum!

Just keep in mind that:

* One Thread per person - Feel free to post whatever Fan Art you want, but post them in your own, personal thread. Multiple threads will be merged in a single one - Feel free to PM me if you want the name of your "FanArt Thread" changed.
* Fan Arts/Graphics only - Pleasee, remember this is the Fan Art and Graphics Thread. People will come here expecting to see either Fan Art or Graphics. As such, only anime/manga related drawings will be allowed here -
* Double posts - Please, avoid double posts. I'm dead serious here. The "Edit" button won't bite! If you've got something new to add, but the last post is yours, go and edit it! - Double posts will be merged shamelessly
* Comments - Even though Honesty is appreciated, we are all sensitive to critisism. It's in the best interest of this section, that everyone keeps the critics constructive and as non-offensive as possible. If anyone is being a jerk, just let me know and I'll deal with it.
* Off Topic and SPAM - Ok, let's make it clear. Posts must, at very least, contain some reference to the discussed picture. Non related posts (otherwise known as SPAM) will be deleted.
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Guides and Rules
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